Money Sex and God

Living an Orgasmic Life | taught by Lyn McFarlane
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Course description

In 6 weeks you will walk away knowing that joy is your birthright and life is meant to be orgasmic!

You will feel a more grounded belief that you can experience a deeper states of pleasure, fulfilment, love and joy.

We will teach you how to 10X your level of pleasure, 10X your level of receiving and 10X your level of giving!

This course is for you if you want to

  • Become the most generous person you know.
  • Manifest more of what your heart really wants
  • Align your sexual energy, source energy and creative energy to attract a more abundant flow of money.
  • Experience pleasure in delightful ways!
  • Be more magnetic to people and opportunities!


This course is a game changer for me.

I’ve learned new perspectives and improved ways of being with solid methods for moving forward.

Issues I’ve struggled with all my life are resolving.

Zooming in on what’s really going on, giving my heart its true voice, gives me a new level of freedom and empowerment I’ve always wanted.

This makes my heart sing! I feel more alive, lit up from within. Happy, expansive, orgasmic!

This is definitely a program of participation, where you get out of it what you put into it.

I have put my whole heart into it and am getting to become more of my whole Self in return.

Thank you both for sharing your gifts and helping me to see all of mine. Your support and being strong in believing in me is immensely valuable. Lets me also know I can have anything. I am experiencing more of my heart’s desires and being my true self, living from my heart, truly connected in Love.
With deepest Love and Gratitude,



Lyn, you are so real and there is a soft hearted presence I feel with you. It makes me feel so safe.

Your very genuine and I appreciate that. I also appreciate the feminine energy you have cultivated. It really comes through in your work. I see you as a true mentor for me, as there is a deep resonance I feel with the process you are going through to come out into the world as a teacher, that seems to be similar to my own.

The fact that you are so transparent and vulnerable with your process has supported me immensely and given me a solid ground of “everything is ok within my own process”. I hope to stay connected with you beyond this course.

Oren, you are so expansive that sometimes I can’t even process what your saying! I love that because that’s what I love! Expansion…growth..liberation. I don’t have my mind challenged often by others, so I really appreciate that quality within you.

You hold a strong masculine energy that shows through as an ability to be present, grounded and resting in the empty spaciousness. I can feel the clear channel within you, the oracle. I am excited to see how you and your offerings evolve over time. I wish to stay connected. I feel different as of now, and I’m not even finished with the course yet. I like how I’m feeling, more expanded for sure, new insights and revelations and more ~me~ more embodied.

That is what I was hoping to receive out of this, so I feel that this course was excellent for the content and the price. The content is really a lot more than I thought it would be. I feel I can continue to watch the videos multiple times and learn more each time.



Oren is someone who is very deep and what he speaks is really phenomenal. You always know when someone is speaking what they have really grasped and Oren has really grasped it because you can tell the space from the words are coming from, you can see the clarity in the words.

I speak all around the world meeting different speakers and I have had Oren speak at my intuitive warrior events in the past and he is one of the, if not the most powerful speakers I have ever had at my intuitive warrior events and he really has something to say and I can really recommend you listen to this man. He has mastered a lot of what he talks about. He has made an impact in my events!

Amir Zogi

International speaker and founder of Be Free People

Module 1 - Evolve Beyond Limitations

Learn how to evolve and expand your higher self so that you can shed your limiting beliefs, upper limits, fear based protection and conditioning – all with love, compassion and no separation.

Module 2 - Opening to New Depths of Your Heart

Learn how to feel so empowered that you could live with your heart wide open! Free from fear based boundaries that are actually weakening your power. Experience what it feels like to trust fully in your heart and discover the power of breaking your heart open. We will delve into the connection between the heart and sexual energy and explore how to deepen your giving and receiving in all areas of life.

Module 3 - The Heart Of Money

Learn how to shift your experience with money into the heart so that you can draw in more prosperity and abundance into your life. We will dive into the topic of how limitations and separation in other areas of your life are directly affecting your finances. We will show you how to transform your relationship with money into oneness so that money becomes your lover and life long friend.

Module 4 - Embodiment and Integration

Discover how to embody the depth of your hearts desires and integrate the shifts and expansion that are taking place so that you can be a strong grounded container for all that you are receiving. In this module we will explore the integrity of the body, mind and spirit and the processes of moving from your head to your heart to live a more authentic physical expression of your soul.

Module 5 - Orgasmic Living

We will explore how orgasm relates to all areas of life such as your finances, career and relationships, not just sex! We will dive deeper into the art of receiving and giving so that you can integrate your learnings to start to experience more pleasure, joy and orgasmic states.

BONUS Module

We couldn’t help ourselves in the creation of the course and wanted to do a bonus module on an area of your life which will really expand when you embody and start living all of these oneness principles!

Lyn McFarlane
Lyn McFarlane
Spiritual Mindset Coach

Lyn McFarlane

Lyn is a Women’s Empowerment Coach, Facilitator and writer who is passionate about spirituality, holistic wellness and is committed to living as an expression of God in this world. Lyn is a mentor to women who have found themselves disconnected from their true self. She guides them to connect back into their truth so that they are living as an authentic expression of their soul. Lyn is inspired to teach women to tap into the fusion zone of masculine and feminine energy so that they can create and experience more pleasure, joy, fulfilment, love and peace within their lives. You can follow her work at or on Huffington Post and Elephant Journal. Lyn has been mentored and coached by Oren for the past few years and now is bringing her training, insights and expansion to a new level of co-creation with O!

Oren Harris

We are living in the age of miracles and Oren Harris is not only a pioneer on the leading edge of the expansion of human consciousness, he is also a living demonstration of a limitless being expressing creativity through form. Another way of saying this is heaven on earth, making the supernatural natural and the impractical practical, and at heart that is Oren’s game in world: heaven on earth as a choice for all beings.

Oren has a unique ability to act as a bridge between what we consider the natural and supernatural, and to ground the magic of transformation, into a recognizable form such as a business, a career path or any desired area of personal development. Prior to his expression as an international speaker and transformational coach, Oren experienced success as an entrepreneur, an actor, a health teacher, and a sports coach. Through each of these expressions Oren has fearlessly demonstrated what he sees as possible for humanity, which also allows him to be incredibly impactful with his clients and to guide them through to their next level no matter what game in life they desire to master

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